As part of its expansion and modernization initiative, the Liberia Crusaders for Peace is presently constructing Women and Children Village (Multi-Purpose Center) located on Monrovia/Kakata highway, Montserrado County, Liberia. The multi-purpose human development center is estimated to cost US$1.8 million and it is about 60% completed. We are presently soliciting donations (cash or in-kind) from our traditional donors and other donors within the development community to help finance the completion of the project.

The multidimensional center is made of 15 peace huts symbolic of the 15 counties of Liberia. A large palaver hut sits in the middle of the complex representing Liberia; which will be used for cultural awareness and dialogue for unity. The complex includes 12-classrooms building, a library, 4 dormitories, clinic, guest houses, chapel/church building, playground, mall, basketball court & soccer field, women empowerment center, theater, administrative buildings, staff members quarters and power house for electrical energy.

The project when completed, LCP’s scope of activities will be expanded and the organization’s head office will be moved to the center where various projects/programs will be designed, planned, and coordinated including providing forums for dialogue and consultations on critical national issues, academic and vocational education for underprivileged and disadvantaged women and youth; critical life skills development programs to help young people prepare for future national development roles including women empowerment & poverty reduction through the promotion of rights and dignity of women & children; design, plan, and implement social projects/programs in vulnerable communities across Liberia; and advocacy for good healthy culture and mental health legislation with the goal of alleviating human suffering from preventable diseases and unnecessary extreme poverty within target communities in Liberia.