In order to give children a future after 14 years of civil war, a Children’s Villige is being built, granting about 1500 children and women the possibility to start a new future. The construction site has been purchased and the construction and operation planned in detail.

The beneath mentioned buildings shall be realized

  • School with 12 class rooms and a library
  • Four dormitories
  • A center for women
  • A theatre
  • An administration building
  • A main building for the staff
  • A hospital
  • A generator house for the electric power supply
  • 16 community huts
The little huts shall symbolize the 15 administrative districts (religions and languages). The central great hut is a symbol for Liberia’s entitiy. It will serve for cultural events in order to maintain the cultural entity and encourage the dialogue within society.
  • A guest house
  • A church
  • A playground
  • A basketball and a football ground